Elizabeth M. Gelineau, Photographer & Owner Photo by Deborah Michelle Photography

Elizabeth M. Gelineau, Photographer & Owner

Photo by Deborah Michelle Photography


Every Christmas Eve, my dad would set up his tripod in living room of my grandparents’ ranch-style home and we’d all line up for The Gelineau family photo. He would hit the 10 second timer and then sprint from the foyer, through the den, kitchen and dining room to make it to the back of the group before the shutter clicked. This was a tradition of almost half of my life.

The Gelineau Family Photo, Christmas 1990

The Gelineau Family Photo, Christmas 1990

No matter how big or small of a group we were, we took the photo. My grandmother, Memaw, would get a print of the best shot and place it in the 8x10 frame that hung on the wall in the den.

Our family was the thing that my grandparents treasured most. We were their legacy.

I’m Elizabeth Gelineau, a photographer, dreamer, hopeless romantic and accidental entrepreneur. Based in my hometown of Mobile, Ala., I photograph weddings on both sides of Mobile Bay. I get lost in bookstores for hours on end, I love trying new restaurants, and experimenting with recipes in the kitchen is my happy place. I'm addicted to Perrier, French Macarons, baking goodies, and Hallmark movies. I’ve watched Pride and Prejudice more times than I should admit and still cry every time I watch Father of the Bride.

Every time I pick up my camera to photograph a bride walking down the aisle with her father, I think of my dad and our family photo. I think of that 8x10 print hanging on the wall of my grandparents home for all those years, and I think of the photographs that I have created that are hanging in the homes of my brides. Their moments frozen in time. Their legacies preserved for future generations. Can I create your 8x10 photograph? 

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