How I Spent My Summer...

Nearly eight months of work was delivered to my door last week in the form of the 2015 Holy Family Church Directory. I'm sure the UPS man thought I was crazy because I was pretty giddy with excitement as he unloaded the boxes from the truck. These four heavy boxes of directory books represent months of discussion, planning and execution on a project that I was admittedly hesitant to undertake. Not because the project didn't interest me, but because it was so different from anything I'd ever done before. On top of that, I'm a one woman show and I wasn't sure I could tackle a project of this size that would last over so many months. But they convinced me and I'm ever so glad they did. I have learned (yet again) to never say never.

While this was one of the most challenging and longest running projects I've taken on since starting my photography business, it was full of joyful moments and wonderful people. I grew up in this parish and I've known many of these people my entire life. I was so blessed to be able to work with amazing staff at the church, volunteers, a fantastic project chairperson and, of course, the lovely parishioners that appear in these portraits. I spent the summer taking these portraits, preparing them for print and designing the directory. I am so very excited for it to be in the hands of the parishioners! In celebration of completing this massive project, I'm sharing a sampling of the portraits. A HUGE thank you goes out to all of the directory participants that agreed to allow me to share their portraits in my portfolio! Enjoy! :)

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