Murray Me Already | Brittany & Graham Say I Do

There has been some majorly exciting stuff going on behind the scenes at Fleeting Moments Photography! After years of saying I didn't want to get into wedding photography (I really didn't think I wanted to!), I've found myself falling in love with shooting weddings. Yes, when I started my photography business, I had no plans to get into wedding photography. What changed? Well, timing is everything and a little luck and some blessings from above don't hurt either. :)

It all started when two of my cousins (Brittany & Amber) became engaged. I was honored that they came to me asking for advice for finding the perfect wedding photographer and I was excited to help them each find the perfect one. I didn't know that helping them find wedding photographers (one in Mobile and one in Memphis) would lead to me shooting at both of their weddings! I am still overwhelmed and in awe that these opportunities came my way and know I have truly been blessed by these experiences.

Brittany's wedding photographer is the super sweet and amazingly talented Lindsey Lissau of Lindsey Lissau Photography in Memphis, Tenn. Lindsey and I got a chance to chat before Brittany's big day and I was so honored that she invited me to shoot alongside her and her second shooter at the wedding. My day started at Headlines Hair Salon, where I documented Brittany, her mom and bridesmaids getting all glammed up. Then we all headed to the church, where I met up with Lindsey and her second shooter for the main event. Let me tell you, this was one gorgeous wedding and it was so much fun to shoot!

Lindsey and I thought it would be fun to blog our images on the same day, to tell the full story of Brittany and Graham's wedding day. So after you check out my faves from the salon, hop on over to Lindsey's blog to view the rest of the wedding photographs! It's one big blog party celebrating the Murrays! Enjoy! :)

I'll be sharing more about my venture into wedding photography here on the blog in the near future! Want to talk wedding photography now? Contact me today for more information!