Victory! | Proud to Be a Yellow Jacket

I have always been proud to be a Yellow Jacket. From the first time I stepped into the halls at McGill-Toolen Catholic on my first day of high school back in the fall of 1998, I knew McT to be a special place. The school spirit at McGill is overwhelmingly strong and the McGill-Toolen community is truly a family. We are bound together by our Catholic faith and our love for the school. Once a Yellow Jacket, always a Yellow Jacket.

After years of cheering on McT's football team, I was NOT going to miss seeing my Alma Mater play in the 7A State Championship game (the first time they've ever made it to the finals!). It was so moving to see how many students, faculty, staff, former faculty and staff, parents, alumni and friends of McGill-Toolen made the trip up to Tuscaloosa where the AHSAA finals were being held. During the pre-game festivities, when they announced that retired Archbishop Emeritus Oscar H. Lipscomb had made the trip as well, tears nearly sprang into my eyes. This was truly a special moment in McGill-Toolen history. Win, or lose, we had never come this far before in the state playoffs and just being in the final game was a HUGE achievement.

As the game started, the energy and spirit in Bryant-Denny Stadium was simply electric. I had to put my camera away for most of the game because I was SO nervous! As the seconds counted down in the fourth quarter and quarterback Paris Chambers took one final knee, the crowd roared. The final score of McGill 14, Spain Park 12 was uncomfortably close, but it was a VICTORIOUS one! It was such a surreal moment and as the fireworks went up into the sky, the crowd chanted "IT'S GREAT TO BE A YELLOW JACKET" and I thought to myself, "Yes! It most certainly is!"

I am so glad I got to witness this moment in history for our school and I hope these photos captured a tiny bit of the school spirit of the Jacket fans. Congratulations to Coach Ross, his staff and the entire McT football team and all who support the Yellow Jackets! WE ARE MCT! <3