Editorial Assignment | Mobile Bay Magazine | Bay Tables | October 2015

I was so excited to be asked by Mobile Bay Magazine to do this shoot for the October 2015 Bay Tables story. Great food plus outdoor entertaining on the bay is pretty much a perfect pairing! What could go wrong? Well, let me tell you, this assignment was scheduled for the day that the big wreck happened on the Bayway (remember the overturned camper accident at the end of the summer?).

Even though I had left Mobile with ample time to get to the shoot on time, this was just one of those accidents that you cannot prevent, or get around. Luckily, I was not stuck on the Bayway, but it was pretty much gridlock on the Causeway. The traffic was moving at 15 miles per hour for most of my drive over (which was maddening!).

I ended up arriving late for the shoot and I HATE to be late. I am generally a get there 10 to 15 minutes early type of person, especially when it comes to work! Well, thank goodness we had enough light left in the day because this was one awesome shoot! Sallye Irvine, writer for this story, was super understanding about my delayed arrival and we jumped into getting everything shot as soon as I arrived. I had so many favorites from this story, but the apple tart definitely stole the show! I love how the story turned out in the magazine and will definitely be trying out some of these recipes! Here are the spreads as they appeared in the October issue, as well as some of my favorite shots that weren't included. Enjoy! :)