Tart + Sweet Winterberry Meringue Cake Mobile AL Food Photographer

I first started photographing and styling food because of my love for cooking. I wanted to document the different meals I made for special occasions and wanted the photographs of that food to remind me not only of how the food looked, but of how the food tasted. Over time, I began to think more deliberately about the photographs, sometimes thinking of that even before the food. When I saw Marcela make this meringue cake with frosted cranberries and cream cheese frosting on Food Network's The Kitchen, I knew it was going to be my Christmas Eve dessert. I absolutely love meringues and after eating a heavy Christmas Eve meal, I'd rather have something that was more tart than sweet to cleanse my palette. This cake did not disappoint in the taste department, but I have to admit that it's appearance is what really made it a stand out dessert. I made everyone wait for me to take a few photographs before we dug in to this beauty. I think it's the perfect winter dessert!

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