Shrimp Pasta Salad Revisited

I don't often find myself photographing the same exact food twice, but a few weeks ago I found myself doing just that and it was quite a fun challenge. It all started when I got a hankering for some of Bake My Day's shrimp pasta salad. I went to the shop and got a container for lunch (I get the large container so it will last more than one day) and after I'd eaten my portion for the day I had an idea. It's no secret that I LOVE the shrimp pasta salad at Bake My Day. If you've been reading the blog for a while, you'll remember this post from last year. I'd been thinking for a while that the shrimp pasta salad would pair well with endive, but I'd yet to try out the combo. Luckily, I had enough shrimp pasta salad left over to try out my idea for lunch the following day.

As much as I was focused on the food, my mind was also thinking about a photograph. What if I revisited the shrimp pasta salad as a subject, styling and photographing it in a completely different way than I did before? Needless to say, it didn't take me long to start picking out props for said photograph. I thought the endive leaves were such cute vessels for the shrimp pasta salad. Best of all, I thought it tasted pretty darn good. If you want to try this out, all you need is one container of shrimp pasta salad and two to three heads of endive (depending on the endive size). Cut the stem end off the endive and separate the leaves into little endive boats. If you want to serve them on a platter for a party, use a paring knife to flatten the bottom of the endive boat so they won't roll around on the platter. Fill the endive boats with shrimp pasta salad, top with some fresh chives and enjoy! I'm thinking these would be so fun to serve at a summer party. Just be sure to make plenty. These little things are quite addictive!

Here's the shrimp pasta salad a la 2014:

And here's a look back at how I photographed it in 2013:

Do you prefer one look over the other?