Recipe: Shrimp Rolls

No one likes the idea of standing over a hot stove during the hottest months of the summer. When the humidity and temperatures rise, food that is light, fresh and simple to make is what I crave. Luckily, on the Gulf Coast we are blessed to have access to beautiful seafood all year round, but it tastes especially delicious in the summer. I really can't get enough of local Alabama shrimp and I really love that at Rouses, our local grocery store, I can buy fresh, local shrimp already peeled. Unless you want shrimp for a classic shrimp boil, this is a major time saver! I was watching Food Network not too long ago and they had a feature on a restaurant that had awesome lobster rolls. I started thinking, why couldn't I make a shrimp roll in the same general way? So a few weeks ago I decided to do a little experiment in the kitchen.

Here's how my shrimp roll turned out. I've written down what I did below in case anyone is interested in trying out my "recipe". Enjoy! :)