Product Spotlight: The Storybook Album

I love photo albums. There's nothing better than dragging one out that you haven't looked at in a while and enjoying the memories that have been stored in the back of your mind.

When I was growing up, my parents took tons of photographs of me and my sister. We are so lucky to have albums filled of snapshots of our childhood. My mom was the room mother in school that always got double prints of whatever pictures she took at school events so that she could share the photos with the other parents. I always remember going to Walmart and filling out those envelopes to get our film developed. When we'd get home with our prints, Mom would separate the prints into two stacks, one for us and one for my classmates parents. Then I'd take the envelopes to school and pass them out accordingly. To think that now we can share as many images we want as quickly as tapping a button on our phones is a little mind boggling, but thank goodness there is an easier way!

The downside to the advent of digital cameras and digital photography is that so often we do not print our photos. They live on our computers, iPads and cell phones. Some never make it off the memory card. We miss out on pulling the album off the shelf to thumb through the pages of our past. We miss out on sharing our memories with family and friends in a tangible way.

My Aunt Diane was often my babysitter when I was a kid and I remember two things about her as a babysitter. First, I knew she would always be up for playing a game of Memory, which was my favorite (ironically, I have a terrible memory now). Second, I knew she would pull out the photo albums and we'd spend hours looking at them together. Looking at the albums together created a new memory, one that I cherish.

There is something about the feel of an album in your hands. It's something you can hold on to, pass down and cherish. Even us photographers are guilty of not printing our photographs regularly, even when we try to make it a priority. This is why I love being able to offer albums to my clients. Albums are more than just a beautiful presentation of your photographs. They keep all the images from your session together, remind you of the year the images were taken, and are made to last generations, making your album a true family heirloom.

I searched and searched for the perfect album to offer my clients. I simply cannot sell a product I do not personally love, so after looking at several different vendors, I finally found my perfect album. When I ordered my own sample I knew it was going to be amazing before I even opened the box. It just feels like you're getting a present when you open it. And who doesn't love presents?! An album like this one is included with the Fleeting Moments Photography Storybook Collection and is filled with the images from your session. I've always enjoyed creating albums and am happy to be able to bring these beautiful, handmade books to my clients. Enjoy!