Crenshaw Farms...Daylilies Galore!

Gardening is one of many hobbies that I enjoy and I have a lot of favorite flowers--roses, hydrangeas, azaleas, camellias (basically all the Southern classics) and last, but certainly not least, daylilies. Not to be confused with true lilies, such as the Easter Lily, daylilies are considered by many to be the perfect perennial. With lush, green foliage and a wide variety of available bloom colors and forms, daylilies put on a real show this time of year. The scientific name for the daylily is Hemerocallis, which loosely translates to, beauty for a day. This means that each morning you get fresh blooms on your daylily plants and each bloom that opens will only last for that day. It's a fun little characteristic because you never know what array of blooms you'll wake up to.

A few weekends ago, my mom and I rode up to Stockton, Ala. to visit Crenshaw Farms Daylily Garden. When we arrived at the farm we were greeted by Dianne, one of the sweetest and friendliest ladies I've ever met. By the time we left the farm we felt like we'd known her for years. The farm itself is simply beautiful and the antique shop that is also on the property is full of interesting finds. There is no doubt though that this time of year the daylilies are the big draw. I never saw so many daylilies in one place in my life! We went up and down the rows, filling our cart with beautiful selections. We even decided to pick out a few that weren't in bloom so we would be surprised by our choice (and we were pleasantly surprised!).

If you love daylilies, then this place is a must go. If you love gardening, then this place is a must go. If you have a black thumb...I still say this place is still a must go. The farm is beautiful and seeing so many daylilies together is a sight to behold. Plus, daylilies are hard to kill, so even if you have a bad track record with gardening, you should give these fantastic flowers a try. Just plant them in a sunny location, water them for the first few weeks and then you'll be good to go for years. Daylilies love our climate and multiply over time. 

Of course I couldn't visit a daylily farm and not take some photographs. I thought I'd share some of my favorites from the day. If you'd like to visit Crenshaw Farms, visit their Facebook page for their hours and address. Tell Dianne I said hello!