Who doesn't love baby chicks???

Spring is now in full swing...the garden has come alive again, the pollen is killing our allergies and there seem to be babies everywhere! When my cousin Cassie told me she was getting some more baby chicks this year, I jumped at the opportunity to hatch a plan for a chick/Easter-themed shoot (sorry...I couldn't resist the cheesy pun there!). Luckily, Cassie was just as game for the shoot as I was.

We held the shoot on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and let me just say, these chicks were the cutest! I had all my props and shots planned out beforehand, but when you're working with animals you never really know what's going to happen. We had about 10 chicks total, so we planned to rotate them out of the shots so they wouldn't get too tired (they are babies after all). Well as it turned out, there was a little diva in the group that practically posed for me for a full five minutes. I could not believe it when this little guy (or gal...it's too soon to tell) turned it's head and looked directly into the lens of my camera. Needless to say, this shoot was just crazy fun. Enjoy and Happy Easter! :)