Session Preview: Winter Wonderland

There is something magical about photography, especially when the stars all align and you are able to bring something that you dreamed up inside your head to life. There is a row of crepe myrtles that I've been studying on my morning walk for some time. I had an image in my mind of a photograph that I wanted to take (this happens to me a lot). But how to make it happen???

I knew the perfect opportunity would eventually come along and I hoped that when it did I would be able to create that photograph. For me, there is no greater creative satisfaction than seeing what's in my head on my computer screen. Earlier this week I had that rare moment occur where the stars all aligned (dreamy light, wonderful location, fantastic subject) and the vision became a reality (the image below is exactly what I saw in my head).

My cousin's girlfriend, the fabulous Taylor, had participated in the Nutcracker Ball at the end of December. I had seen a photo of her gorgeous gown when we were all together for Thanksgiving. I told her about my vision and asked her if she'd like some portraits in her ballgown. Luckily, she did!

As it turned out, the only day we could get together for the shoot was smack dab in the middle of arctic weather week we just experienced here in Mobile. Despite the freezing temps, we kept our plans (perhaps we are both a little crazy???). We were thankful it turned out to be a very sunny, blue sky day. I don't think we could have lasted out there had it been overcast and windy. I have to give a huge shout out to Taylor for being such a trooper--THANK YOU TAYLOR!!! Needless to say, it was super hard narrowing down which photographs from that day to show for this sneak peek. It was just one of those rare, magical moments where everything came together perfectly. Enjoy!