A Happy and Delicious Thanksgiving

There never seems to be a shortage of food at our Thanksgiving table. We have a old-fashioned, Southern-style, pot-luck Thanksgiving lunch that will leave you feeling like a stuffed turkey for days. The extended family gathers together for a day of food, fun and relaxation. This year I planned to make time to photograph some of my Thanksgiving favorites-my mom's sweet potato casserole and cornbread dressing (seen in the first image below). These dishes, along with the turkey, which my Uncle Stan cooks most years (see his gorgeously golden bird below), are the stars of the holiday to me. After the high calorie feast, us ladies usually take a walk (if the weather is favorable), while the men watch football, or play video games. We are a silly bunch and had a lot of fun with photo booth props this year--something I think we should make a new family tradition! I hope everyone out there had happy and delicious Thanksgiving. Let the Christmas season begin! Cheers!