Welcome Home

There is something special about gathering at the airport to welcome someone home. I remember my grandfather's homemade "Welcome Home" banner and all my family waving at me as I disembarked the plane upon returning from my first trip overseas. They were all waiting for me right at the gate (back in the day when we could still do stuff like that). I didn't have any idea they would all be there and it was a fun surprise. It feels good to be welcomed home, no matter how long or short the trip, so when I found out my cousin's boyfriend was returning to the States from England after being away for four months, I jumped at the chance to document the occasion. My cousin, Amber, was so excited that we all came to help her welcome her boyfriend, Luke, home. I felt like a paparazzi, crouched down by a bench, waiting to capture the moment of Luke's return (I didn't want him to see me with the camera and spoil their moment!). Although I did get a lot of stares from the other passengers, Luke didn't even see me until Amber and my aunt pointed to the camera. I'm pretty sure the other folks at the airport that night thought Amber and Luke were celebrities. It was a fun evening and I think Luke was definitely surprised. Here are my favorites from my night as a documentary photographer. Enjoy!